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Do you know Astypalaia?

If the answer is yes, we bet it's already on your bucketlist! A Greek island full of charm, a barely known gem among the Dodecanese, is the hippest destination for summer holidays 2017 in Greece. The German newspaper "die Welt" published a glorifying article about Astypalaia, pointing out that its awesomeness lies mostly on the fact that it remains literally unspoiled from tourism.

With 1,334 residents  and accommodation capacity of  5.000 beds, the island's understated elegance attracts returning visitors who seek serenity and authenticity on a postcard perfect backdrop dominated by the Aegean Blue:  The major hill, crowned by a Venetian castle and dotted with sugar cube architecture descending densely along  the whirling alleys, offers a genuine cycladic scenery, amazingly surrounded by countless pebbly beaches and bays as well as 16 uninhabited islets within a short sail from the island.

For you who wish to witness the charm and authenticity of Astypalaia and the nearby islands,  Vyra.com has great news! Escape to a semi-private or private daily cruise from Astypalaia to the nearby islets, to Santorini&Anafi, or the "Small Cyclades" islands cluster and get the most our of greek islands holiday in one day!  

Inspire your wanderlust through this amazing photo collection and book your sailing holiday now:

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