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Choosing the right boat for rental!

Aspiring seafarers, you‘ve been dreaming of those Mediterranean sailing holidays for so long and now they can finally come true! A brand new world is about to appear before your eyes, through infinite blue seas and amazing island hopping in the Mediterranean. Though, there are some questions still to be answered before you book a boat and sail away to your most dreamy holiday ever. With a great selection of fine, reliable yachts offered, the question that arises first is “What type of boat is the right for me”?

From smooth, wind-powered sailing boats to fast, high-end motorboats or comfortable, luxury Catamarans, the selection could be mind-confusing. Here is the answer to all your questions, to pick the boat type that suits your needs. 

Sailing Yachts Charter

Silent, smooth and natural but more demanding in sailing skills, the sailing boats are engine powered monohulls, partly set in motion by the wind. Sailing yachts come in several shapes and sizes, ranging from 7,5 to 30 meters long, contemporary designed with perfectly arranged interiors including kitchen, bathrooms, lounge and bedrooms. Bareboat sailing charters is the more affordable choice for sailing vacations, under the condition that at least one member has a valid sailing certificate. If you are a beginner sailor, you don't have to worry! Skippered sailing holidays, is always an option! 


Motor yachts Charter

Fast, independent, comfortable and sleek, motor yachts are fully engine powered vessels with stylish design, perfect for those seeking luxury in crewed yacht charter holidays. Fast and reliable, motor yachts are ideal for island hopping tours, yet are much less demanding since don’t require any sailing skills.


Catamaran Yachts Charter

Sleek and contemporary, comfortable and convenient, Catamaran boats are luxurious multihull yachts with vast spaces, ideal for family sailing holidays. Designed for stable and smooth courses, Catamaran boats sit low to the sea level and are highly resistant to overturning, while are both, wind and engine powered.

Gulet Boats

The ultimate party boats! Gulets are traditional Turkish wooden sailing vessels, sufficient for the maximum capacity of people, always crewed with a captain. Large constructions with vast spaces, Gulets can usually accommodate up to 15 people, making it ideal for large groups of friends or families.

Now that you have a clear view about what type of boat suits your personal, private sailing holiday needs, pick your destination, find the perfect boat for you and book now!

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