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A sailing tour in Cyclades

The first part of our sailing tour in Cyclades, was a mind travelling expedition to iconic little islands, reflecting the authentic Greek lifestyle in quaint, peaceful villages above the sparkling waters of the Aegean Sea.

Now, it is time to get some cosmopolitan air and the wind carries us to a world-class destination, captivating Santorini! A miraculous scenery with dramatic landscapes, a mysteriously attractive volcano, alluring sunsets painting scarlet skies· Santorini will definitely charm even the most demanding traveller. Marvel the majesty of nature exploring unique rock formations in black, red and white beaches and confirm the myth of Lost Atlantis at the ancient settlement of Akrotiri, a remarkably well preserved ancient town buried by the Theran eruption during the late Minoan Period. Scuba diving in Santorini is a fascinating experience as well, featuring a rich sea bottom, especially around the breathtaking Caldera, Palia and Nea Kameni islets.

Next stop, Ios island, with its golden sandy beaches and the vividly alternative lifestyle. Visit Homer’s tomb, the poet of Odyssey, and sail south to Manganari bay to relish the cinematic “Big Blue” view, as parts of the famous movie were shot here.

Departing from Ios, set sail to Naxos island, the largest among the Cyclades islands. The wow factor here lies underwater; A spectacular seabed featuring shipwrecks, reefs, capes and rich marine life, making snorkeling in Naxos island an outstanding experience.

Continuing, just 10 nM W of Naxos port, our tour takes us to quaint Naoussa, in Paros island. If you feel like staying for a few days, we would suggest to moor in Parikia, an excellent shelter from meltemi and the south winds. A traditional settlement extending in narrow pebble-paved alleys lined with small boutiques, cafes, restaurants and bars in a colourful atmosphere, Parikia is the place where one can experience the authentic Greek island spirit. For a more cosmopolitan ambience and vibrant nightlife, visit Naoussa village. The best way to explore the beaches of Paros is to embark on a private yacht charter, sail around the island and discover unspoilt, serene coves and bays accessible only by boat.
Tip: If you wish to visit Antiparos- a pristine islet southwest of Paros- if the wind is anything but calm we would advise approaching anchorages from the south.

Anchors away to vibrant Mykonos, the wild heart of the Cyclades, a world-known destination for its bustling lifestyle and non-stop party! Moor your boat in Tourlos marina, a quiet spot providing good shelter from the prevailing winds and let the unique vibe of the island drift you away!  While on sailing vacations in Mykonos, you have the chance to meet a different aspect of the island, beyond the restless lifestyle: Sail away to nearby Delos islet, the mythical birthplace of Gods Apollo and Artemis or experience primitive serenity in secluded Rhinia islet, also known as the Greater Delos.

This is it, your sailing tour in the Cyclades is accomplished! You have taken the most out of the genuine Greek spirit met in traditional fishing villages, fused with the elevated vibe of summer in the Greek islands. Congratulations, you’ve got it all in one trip!

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