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8 Greek islands in Trivago’s top 10 European islands for 2016

Trivago, a famous search engine specializing in hotels and vacation-related services with over 120 million users per month, published the top 10 European islands for 2016 and it is dominated by Greek islands! A closer look at those 8 spectacular Greek islands that have stolen travelers’ hearts, is an inviting call for amazing sailing holidays to explore as many destinations as possible!

  1. Aran islands, Uk
    Respecting the Irish traditions to the fullest, those islands are literally unspoiled from modernization and urban lifestyle. The locals live in small rural communities, car – free destinations where carriages remain the common mean of transport.
    Aran Islands Inishmore Irelan1 D
  1. Astipalaia island, Cyclades, Greece
    Also known as the “Butterfly of the Aegean” this island is a charming white-washed destination embraced by lacy coastline forming nice wind-protected coves and golden sandy shores to enjoy refreshing sea dips in crystal Aegean waters.
    2 Astypalaia
  1. Sifnos island, Cyclades, Greece
    Cosmopolitan Sifnos, a picture perfect scenery with sugar-cube architecture scattered among craggy slopes, whitewashed alleys extending among nice gardens and flowery yards and small quintessential shops, emit authentic Cycladic aura.
    3 Sifnos
  1. Ios island, Cyclades, Greece
    A small and restless island, bustling with people, restaurants, bars and small, picturesque chapels overlooking amazing sandy beaches. A perfect destination to sail and discover hidden, idyllic bays.
    4 Ios
  1. Folegandros island, Cyclades, Greece
    Renowned for its wild, craggy and mysterious beauty, Folegandros offers visitors impossibly beautiful remote beaches with soft powder sand.
    5 Folegandros 04
  1. Capri island, Italy
    Synonym to Dolce Vita, with exquisite services, classy hotels and vibrant nightlife, is an inspiring attraction for writers and artistic spirits.
    6 Capri View
  1. Paros island, Cyclades, Greece
    Bursting with traditional settlements and countless sandy beaches, Paros is maybe the most typical example of pure Cycladic charm.
    7 Paros
  1. Kefalonia island, Ionian islands, Greece
    Stunning natural scenery with pine trees and cypress forests spreading across the island and golden sandy beaches kissed by emerald Ionian waters… Kefalonia is an enchanting destination perfectly blending modern lifestyle with tradition and relaxed Mediterranean ambience.
    8 Kefalonia
  1. Naxos island, Cyclades, Greece
    Endless golden shores, crystal clear waters, relaxed lifestyle and tradition, backed with olive groves, vineyards and impossible Aegean blue, blend flawlessly in this island of unique beauty.
    9 Naxoa

  2. Hydra island, Saronic islands, Greece
    Steep and rocky scenery against a noble setting with bright-coloured renovated mansions, a rich historic and cultural past reflected in every corner, amazing pebbly beaches and magical sea bottom. Hydra hosts two annual regattas that mark the beginning and end of the racing season, in March and October.
    10 Ydra

 Island lovers, there is no better way to discover the unique beauty of the Greek islands, than sailing holidays. Book a yacht now set sail to you own big blue adventure!

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