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5 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy During your Yacht Charter Holiday

Although time spent on your yacht during a sailing holiday definitely offers some perfect options to unwind and indulge in pleasures, this shouldn’t mean relinquishing your commitment to health and fitness. These are 5 ways to stay fit and healthy during your yacht charter holiday:

Boat Facilities and extras

Gym zone, jacuzzi, instructor of basic water sports, dinghy jet, sports package, fishing, scuba equipment, physiotherapist, adventure package or snorkelling equipment are some boat facilities or additional extras you can add to your yacht charter package and elevate your fitness routine while on the sea.

Although space is usually limited on a yacht, Vyra.com yacht specialists can provide specific gym equipment to your charter. Additionally, we can assist you in organizing your wellness sailing holiday providing a professional yoga trainer or a watersports instructor among your crew, upon request.Woman Yacht Yoga Mat Gym

Yacht charter professional crew

Apart from having a personal trainer on board, you can enjoy the pampering you would receive on a spa retreat while on a sailing holiday. For you who crave extra pampering, your charter company can arrange a group of professionals to accompany you on the trip, offering services tailored to your needs such as nutrition, yoga and life coaching.

Of course, there is always the option to invite your personal trainer and/or your physiotherapist to join your sailing holiday crew. Always keep in in mind that they will need a place to sleep, so they will need a guest spot in the accommodation.

Superyacht Woman Gym Fit 1024

Dining on a yacht with your personal Chef

All you have to do is complete your desired meals on the preference sheet, upon chartering your boat, and you’ll enjoy the healthy gourmet meals prepared by talented chefs with the freshest ingredients. They will always use lots of local fruits, vegetables, fish and meats from the area you are cruising to incorporate into their dishes. Alternatively, if a private chef is not an option for you, there is the choice to prepare healthy meals on board.

Dining On Boats Healthy Chef Seafood Pasta

Make room for the water toys

Even if you have a private wellness centre onboard, you are literally floating in Mother Nature's best exercise area! Swimming is a great workout as you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water, and so good for your metabolism! Then you have knee-boards, wakeboards, SUP, and a wealth of inflatable toys that will delight you and your kids in quality time of water fun activities. Moreover, explore the itineraries near you, spot where to find water sports facilities and give in to outstanding experiences such as sea kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing, kite surfing and other adrenaline-boosting activities.

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Speaking in terms of extravagant luxury, you can charter a superyacht with spa, if you can afford it. Apart from this, there is always the choice to spend some time ashore and have yourselves pampered in spas and wellness centres at your itineraries. You should consider making a research before your yacht charter holiday begins and include several options in different itineraries, so you can be versatile according to the weather. Otherwise, you can go natural: Have yourselves pampered in natural spas and thermal springs in destinations like Xi beach in Kefalonia, the hot springs in Santorini, the warm muddy waters and hot bubbly springs in Vulcano, Aeolian islands and so much more to discover!

Pool Luxury Flybridge Jacuzzi

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