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5 ultimate experiences in Northern Dalmatia

Wish to experience everything that the hip destinations of Dubrovnik, Hvar and Korčula in south Croatia have to offer but without the flux of tourists? Sail away to the Dalmatian North, and you’re covered! Sailing holidays in North Croatia is your chance to experience equally beautiful beaches, scenic historical towns and spectacular national parks, but remain off-the-beaten-track avoiding the vast crowds of summer.

 Lake swimming, scenic waterfalls on a heavenly setting in Krka National Park

Once you find yourselves cooling-off in one of Krka National Park’s many waterfalls, you’d exclaim “Wake me up, are we really here?”, if you weren’t already in the water!
Waterfalls plunging down to volcanic rock formations embraced by lush greenery, create an impossible palette of warm, earthy colours on a scenery that goes beyond our earthy phantasies.
Rent a boat Krka

Krk National Park Waterfalls 1024

Sip amazing sunsets and history in Zadar island

A city with long history, distinctively carrying the traces of Ancient Roman, Byzantine and Venetian impact, today is well-known for the ancient ruins, wonderful Venetian settlements, laid-back beaches, some of the world’s best street art and Croatia’s most spectacular sunsets. The Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation, art installations that utilize the power of nature to create awesome sounds and colours in the Sky, is a hard-to-believe-unless-lived experience.
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Galovac Islet Uglijan Island North Croatia

Island hopping at Kornati islands

Kornati National Park is a dense bouquet of 140 karst islands, islets and reefs, covered in scented Mediterranean herbs, emitting their fragrant aura in the salty sea breeze. Kornati islands is a playground for sailors, scuba divers and snorkelers with a wealth of hidden coves and wreck sites that only they know.
Kornati islands Yacht Charter

Kornati Boat

Get a Festival Fever at Murter

Murter, the island of the Festivals! A slow-paced destination to chill out or join the music festivals and give in to a long summertime party (Electric Elephant, Soundwave, Suncebeat, Stop Making Sense, Latin Sail Regatta and the renowned Garden Festival).
Murter Boat Charter

Croatia Muerter Festval

Escape the crowds and unwind in Sibenik

Although it is mostly known as the access point to Krka National Park and the Kornati islands (to many, also known as the Braavos city in Game of Thrones), Sibenik remains an overlooked gem with limestone palaces, ancient ruins, traditional villages and secluded anchorages, all in a tremendously beautiful landscape that is considered to be one of Europe's finest destinations.
Sibenik Yacht Charter


Charter a yacht in North Croatia and experience the most out of those off-the-beaten-track destinations, before they change!

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