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5 Tips to make the most out of your yacht charter holidays

  1. Turn your phone off and unplug
    You have made it! You, your family or friends and your significant other are on Mediterranean sailing holidays! There is no better chance to spend so much quality time together, not only between island hopping but also onboard your sailing yacht.  Take your time to relax, sip the sun, discover infinite ways to have fun while sailing with your family or friends while doing, literally, nothing. There is absolutely no reason to let a phone call spoil the fun or disrupt you from your company. 

  2. Be Prepared
    Before boarding, prepare a precise list of all essentials you might need onboard (medicines, flashlight, your favourite cooking knife). Before making your supplies list and cooking plan, ask for your fellow travellers’ tastes and diet restrictions. Out at sea isn’t an ideal time to suffer from an allergic reaction. And, you are on vacation, why to cook an alternate meal for any person that doesn’t like what you planned. While on board, read about things you can do in nearby destinations and let the captain know what you really want to do and see.

  3. Make use of the boat extras
    Your boat is like a floating hotel! Why not use its facilities to the fullest? Have an amazing time with BBQ on board, enjoy romantic alfresco dining under the stars, boost your adrenaline with watersports.

  4. Go ashore
    While on sailing holidays, there is much more to do than swimming at famous beaches. Visit important sights, try the local cuisine, visit festivals, get the local vibe!

  5. Delight in amazing sunsets
    A scarlet-painted sky against that velvet blue infinity: There is no better sunset view than this from your sailing yacht. Pour some wine and enjoy a spectacular day ending, toasting to the beginning of another amazing night on board.

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