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5 secrets of Santorini you can discover on a sailing trip

Santorini, the charming fairy of the Aegean in not only pristine beaches, scarlet sunsets and luxurious infinity pools. Even if you have been there once, a wealth of new, otherworldly experiences await unless you had the chance to explore its vibrant coastline by boat.  Unfold the mysteries of Santorini and live your Greek experience top wishes on an amazing daily sailing trip in Santorini, or-even better, on dreamy sailing holidays in the Aegean.  

1: There are not so many blue rooftops in Santorini
The impression one has of Santorini, is that the island is scattered with blue domes. This is just the imaginary effect, since blue roofs and church domes dominate some of the most popular photos from Oia village. Real thing is that Santorini is sprinkled with sugar cube architecture dotting the craggy  hills, breathtakingly clinging to the caldera and the sparkling turquoise waters.

 Santorini Sugar Cube Architecture 1024

2 - White beach: A piece of Moon on Earth
The Moon is hard to reach. Moonscapes as well! World famous "White beach" of Santorini is a stunning moonscape refreshing it's feet into the emerald waters of the Aegean. Inaccessible by any means other than  sailing yachts, this gem of a beach promises stellar plunges in lunar tranquility!

2 Santorini White Beach

3 - The Entire Island is a Volcanic Rock 
Circa 1645 BC, one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the history of Earth, a giant event call the Minian eruption,  shook the Aegean. As a result, It was then that Santorini and its surrounding islands were roughly formed as we know them, created after a number of eruptions that spanned several hundred thousand years.  These leftover bits of  deep red lava formations against the dazzling turquoise Aegean waters, create a miraculous scenery full of volcanic mystery and charm.

Akrotiri 5

4 - Churches are everywhere
Blindlingly whitewashed, plunged in light and waves, churches adorn even the most impossible places you can imagine in Santorini. Impressively secluded, wet with an amazing infinity blue stretching before its view, the quaint chapel of St. Nicholas can be discovered on Palaia Kameni, an inhabited volcanic islet opposite magnificent Oia. 

St Nicholas Church Palia Kameni

5 - Santorini’s Hot Springs natural spa

Close to the Palia Kameni rocky islet, the water is warm rich in sulphur and volcanic elements, beneficial for your skin and body. There, the water is significantly warmer and the colour changes from striking turquoise to a muddy yellow, but this shouldn't discourage your from amazing plunges and body-painting! 
Santorini Hot Springs

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