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5 reasons to go on spring sailing vacations in Greece

Savvy travellers, time to wash winter away! Despite the windy reputation of March, April is spring’s true awakening and May is nature’s regeneration in the Eastern Mediterranean, creating a jaw-dropping scenery all over Greece. There is no better way to explore the blooming Greek coasts and islands, than spring sailing holidays!

If your eagerness to wash winter away sounds a bit fair to you, let us delight you with the top 5 reasons to go on spring sailing holidays in Greece!

    • With bright, sunny days and mild weather, Spring creates a magnificent scenery marking the regeneration of the Earth all around Greece, with blooming fields, lush slopes and rich vegetation in vibrant colours, refreshing ones’ view from the gloomy atmosphere of the past winter months. The weather starts to be pleasantly warm in April, yet May is more suitable for swimming.

    • Fewer crowds: Skip the vast crowds of summer, enjoy peace and tranquillity while not missing anything in services and amenities offered. Even if arriving late in the afternoon, there will be ample space in ports and anchorages anywhere you choose to stay for the night.

    • Cheap yacht charters: At that time, rates to book a yacht in Greece are dramatically lower than in high summer season. Additionally, one can take advantage of the Early Booking Offers and enjoy sailing vacations in Greece on a budget.

    • Harness the winds: Even if you choose sailing in the Ionian Sea or island hopping in the Aegean Sea, the Aeolian forces will be with you! The Maistro that blows in the Ionian provides steady, reliable winds while it is rather early for those strong Meltemi winds that blow in the Aegean during summer.

    • Enjoy the celebratory spirit of Greek Easter: There might be no better way to celebrate the season than to take part in some of the most anticipated Easter Events in Greece, enriching your dreamy holiday experience with one of a kind festive installations with great food, music and local traditions.

Embark on spring sailing vacations in Greece and get an awe-inspiring essence of the most lush, regenerative season in the Mediterranean while making the most out of your sailing destinations, without the vast crowds of summer! 

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