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5 Fun things to do with your dinghy boat

This is it! Adventure explorers, you have already booked a yacht and are already preparing yourselves for a week of more of total pleasure above blue waters! You are probably rather excited, setting up a list of amazing activities and fun things to see and do along your itineraries. There is something fun you have probably not taken into account yet: All our yachts, from sailing yachts to luxury yachts are equipped with dinghy jets, maybe the most versatile mean of transport during your days ashore! Here’s a list of the fun things you can do with your dinghy for hours of fun in the water:

  • Dinghy Drift. 
    An absolutely fun gathering of dinghies! The idea: Invite some old and new friends and/or from the nearby boats, dinghy up for a few km, then tie your dinghies together, turn off the outboards, get out the paddles and just drift! Turns out just another fun way to get together for sunset cocktails and finger food. A dinghy drift can easily be organized in an anchorage as well, just tell everyone to meet somewhere upwind, tie the dinghies together and let the wind drift the dinghy collection through the anchorage. If your on family sailing holidays, children will delight!
  • Diving/Snorkeling.
    The sea bottom, silent and attractive, calls for new experiences! Get informed about the interesting diving/snorkeling spots around, shipwrecks and reefs, drop anchor in sand in close proximity to the spot, gear up and off on another fun afternoon!
  • Spearfishing. 
    Snorkeling that usually results in dinner! Just be sure to have some protection for the speartip so you don’t accidentally puncture the dinghy! 
  • Go Dinghy Riding.
    Just hop in the dinghy & away! You don’t need to have a preconceived plan of where you are going or what are doing. Just go wherever your curiosity dictates: “Let’s explore that islet over there” or “wondering what’s after that bay on the left?”
  • Explore Your Territory.
    This is similar to dinghy riding, but with a plan! Anytime you anchor in a new location, it’s a must to get out and explore the nearby area in your dinghy! Accessible only by boat nearby beaches, mysterious rock formations, sea caves, anything that attracts your imagination!

If you haven’t experienced any dinghy activities, start planning your sailing holidays before it’s too late! Take advantage of our amazing last minute offers and book now!

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