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4 Essential sailing knots

Savvy sailors know, it is far more important to learn a few knots well than to half learn a whole bunch of knots! Once you tie a knot, it is very important to know how to untie them, to save time and ropes! So, either you are preparing for bareboat sailing holidays and you wish to freshen up your sailing knowledge or you are into skippered yacht charters and wish to “learn the ropes”, here are some common knots every sailor needs, starting from the basics.

Cleat hitch
Cleat Hitch Full

1-Wrap line on the cleat base
2-Complete a single loop around the cleat base. This keeps the line from cinching on itself when releasing the hitch.
3-Cross the line over the cleat and under the horn at each end of the cleat.
4-Form a loop with the end of the line passing under the loop.
5- Pass the loop over the horn and cinch the line.

Clove hitch
Clove Hitch Full

1-Wrap line on the rail or bar
2-Continue the loop around the fixed bar with the line crossing in front
3-Create a second loop with the line passing between the bar and the line.
4-Finish the hitch by cinching both ends of the line.

Bowline Knot
A bowline creates a loop that will not slip closed when weight is applied. Often used as a sling for retrieving objects that should not be crushed.
Bowline Full

1-Form a loop with the lead passing over the line.
2-Bring the lead up through the loop from underside of the loop.
3-Wrap the lead around the back of the line above the loop.
4-Pass the lead back down the loop.
5-Tighten the bowline

Sheet Bend
A sheet bend is used for securing two lines together. It is especially effective attaching two different size lines. This knot unties easier than a conventional square knot.
Sheet Bend Full
1- Form an eye with the first line. Bring the lead of the second line up through the eye.
2-Pass the lead of the second line behind the upper junction of the first line.
3-Pass the lead of the second line behind itself where it emerges from the eye of the first line.
4-Tighten the sheet bend knot.


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