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30 best Doing-Nothing things to do on sailing holidays

If relaxation is what you seek, discover the Art of Doing Nothing on board: Spend quality time alone or with your co-travelers, engaging with fun, yet less energy demanding activities while sailing from one destination to another. Remember, one of the best parts during sailing holidays is your chance to unplug. So, disable your wireless internet connections and (re)discover better connections between you and your co-travelers, you and nature. We made a list with the 30 best doing-nothing things to do on sailing holidays to inspire you, but we can think of much more of them. What are your favorites? Are they included in the list?

  1. Watch amazing sunrises
  2. Practice paper chart navigation
  3. Ask the skipper to explain you basic sailing/navigating tips
  4. Design a new tattoo
  5. Grow a beard/mustache
  6. Read a book
  7. Write a letter
  8. Draw a picture/postcard
  9. Write a story
  10. Do yoga
  11. Play an instrument
  12. Plunge
  13. Listen to a weather report
  14. Learn the stars
  15. Work on your tan
  16. Make up a new game
  17. Take photographs
  18. Bird watch
  19. Make a grocery list
  20. Enjoy fine wine in the sea breeze
  21. Daydream
  22. Practice knots
  23. Whistle something
  24. Whittle something with collected driftwood
  25. Jewelry making witch collected seashells
  26. Invent a new cocktail
  27. Take a nap
  28. Learn the cloud types (Cirrus, Stratus, Cumulus)
  29. Play pirates - look out the other boats
  30. Watch breathtaking sunsets

What are you waiting for? Book a yacht now, embark on dreamy sailing holidays and find out your own doing-nothing favorites!

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