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10 Best Destinations in Greece - TripAdvisors Travelers’ Choice Awards 2018

The time of the year when TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice awards are announced, you know it's about time to start planning your next holiday. Well, here is something to warm you up!  These are the 10 Best Destinations in Greece for 2018 in TripAdvisor's Travelers’ Choice Awards 2018 and how you can experience sailing holidays in all of them!

#1 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Crete

1 Best Destination In Greece 2018 Crete

The largest island in Greece and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean is a sailor’s paradise, kissed by the sheer Mediterranean waters of the Cretan Sea and the exotic Libyan waters on the south! Embraced by a lacy shoreline that shapes countless bays, lagoons, anchorages and some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece ( Elafonissi beach tops the list of TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Best Beaches in Greece 2018, is 2nd Most Beautiful Beach in Europe and 11th Most Beautiful Beach in the World), Crete is idyllic, wild and beautiful, offering amazing experiences to all kinds of travellers. Charter a yacht in Crete to escape in memorable sailing holidays of a lifetime!

#2 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Santorini, Cyclades

#2 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Santorini

One of the most praised Greek islands, a must-visit for the lovebirds worldwide, soaked in history, volcanic charm and crimson sunsets! The caldera and volcanic formations that, literally shape the island, create an out-of-this-world, mysteriously attractive coastal scenery that will charm even the most demanding traveler, inviting for an enchanting daily sailing trip in Santorini or, even better, on dreamy sailing holidays in Cyclades.

#3 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Rhodes, Dodecanese

#3 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Rhodes

Glorious castles, medieval towns, miles of golden sandy beaches and eight sunny months a year, Rhodes is by far one of the most enticing destinations for time travelers and sun worshippers in the Mediterranean. Charter a yacht in Rhodes, set sail to the fascinating knights’ era of the Medieval times.

#4 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Athens

#4 Best Destination in Greece 2018

Charter a yacht in Athens on a memorable holiday in Greece, blending culture travelling, vivid nightlife and amazing sailing holidays in Athens Riviera and the nearby islands (Saronic islands, Moni, Aegina, Agistri). Relish your slice of island paradise a breath away from Athens and find out that escaping the city doesn’t have to be a long and expensive journey!

#5 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Corfu, Ionian Islands

#5 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - COrfu

Described as the “shores of glory” by Lord Byron, Corfu island is a blessed destination for beach lovers and adventurous explorers. Cosmopolitan and quintessential, amazingly blending culture and tradition on a most inspiring natural backdrop, the island is a delightful destination for family sailing holidays or friends alike! Charter a yacht in Corfu and make the most out of a fantastic island.

#6 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Mykonos Cyclades

#6 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Mykonos

Voted the top summer holiday destination time and again for good reason: exceptional beaches, award-winning restaurants, legendary parties, expensive yachts, dreamy villas, luxury hotels, beautiful people, 5-star service. Charter a yacht in Mykonos, explore its stunning coastline, visit its neighboring islands Rhenia and Delos on a daily private sailing trip or on dreamy sailing holidays in the Cyclades.

#7 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Kalambaka, Greece


Ok, this one is in the mountainous inland, but nothing is too far from the sea in Greece! Kalambaka is a sleepy town in the shadow of a breathtaking Meteora, one of the most popular mountainous destinations in Greece. Within 2 hours drive by car or less than one hour by train, you can reach vivid Volos, the most convenient starting point for your sailing holidays in Skiathos and Sporades islands

#8 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Milos, Cyclades

#8 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - MIlos

Astounding, multi-awarded beaches, breathtaking sunsets and romance blend perfectly in this lovely, sun-drenched Cycladic island. World-known Sarakiniko beach, with is smoothed, dazzling white rock formations is a lunarscape on Earth, while the incredible turquoise waters embracing the breathtaking rock formations of Kleftiko beach are calling for a memorable yacht charter in Milos as they are accessible only by boat. And this is just the beginning, sailing around Milos island and its sister islands, Kimolos and Polyaigos, is a truly inspiring, unforgettable experience!

#9 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Naxos, Cyclades
#9 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Naxos

An amazing blend of ancient ruins and beach culture dominates Naxos, the largest among the Cyclades islands cluster. The wow factor here lies underwater, with a spectacular seabed featuring shipwrecks, reefs, capes and rich marine life, making snorkelling in Naxos island an outstanding experience. Charter a yacht in Naxos and give in to endless beach hopping!

#10 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Kefalonia, Ionian Islands

#10 Best Destination in Greece 2018 - Kefalonia

Known as the spectacular backdrop in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and for the multi-awarded Myrtos beach, Kefalonia is a picture postcard destination! With dramatic natural diversities ranking from majestic mountainous landscapes to sweeping beaches scattered along the rich coastline, Kefalonia inspires amazing sailing experiences. Embark on yacht charter holidays in Kefalonia and prepare yourself for the most rewarding sailing holidays in the Ionian!

Charter a yacht in Greece and relish your slice of island paradise to the fullest!

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