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You've found yourself visiting our site and one may presumably wonder “well, what does Vyra actually mean? What does it stand for?” It is a name of course, our name, but the answer to this question is not that profound, as Vyra has a multiple presence in different languages and countries and therefore, has an interesting story to tell.

First of all, Vyra originates from the Sanskrit language and is very likely a variant of the name Vira that means “Brave”. It is also an Ukranian form of the Slavic name Vera meaning “Faith”, while in Russian the name Vyra also means “Loyal and True”. That would be interesting, but maybe not that exciting, if at the same time “Vyra” wasn’t used by Greek seamen who yell “Vyra the Anchors” every time they wish to weigh the anchor and sail away. That happens because “Vyra”, apart from a pretty name, is also a nautical term indicating the final preparation of a sea vessel for getting underway and a noun that describes the process of uploading an object, such as a flag or a sail.

Quite fascinating don’t you think? Well, not as fascinating as your trip is going to be. So let’s get started. We, the team of Vyra, are happy to be your faithful companions to your next, unforgettable sailing experience.

Christina Tratari

CEO - Founder

Captain and Master of Vyra.com, Christina is steering the boat from its maiden voyage in calm waters, making sure that everyone on board will have a long, creative, safe and fun journey!!

Sofia Finokalioti

General Manager

Sofia has been on board Vyra.com from her maiden voyage, transforming her ideal type of sailing holidays into work and vice versa. She is responsible for the everyday smooth running of the team through the direction and coordination of its members, making sure that the final result is as good as the effort put in it.

Kalomoira Tsimara

Community Manager and Senior Copywriter

It is not easy to be a wanderlustful spirit in the city, unless your job is to inspire sailing holiday content. Kalomoira creates social media content and blog posts sparked by the sea for Vyra.com, feeding her wanderlust while sharing her daily slice of sea paradise with the world.

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